Applying aerosol cans for various applications can be straightforward if done correctly. Follow these steps below for the best results.

Step 1. Clean and Shake

Clean the substrate with denatured alcohol so it's free of any dirt and oil.

Shake the bottle well for approximately 2 minutes to make sure that all contents are mixed.

Step 2. Spray and dry

Hold the bottle at 45° degrees and spray 6-8 inches from the substrate surface using left to right motion. Apply a thin coat as long as you do not see through the surface.

Step 3. Mark

Adjust and focus your laser settings according to the material and make your mark!

Step 4. Wash

No waiting time needed to wash off! Rinse with tap water or wipe with a wet cloth.

Voila! You now have a permanent on a finished product

Here's the result!

On this process we use our Red Metal Copper Laser Spray to mark this stainless steel tag. Watch the full video here!


Experience Precision: Brilliance Laser Inks Aerosol Results

Discover the stunning outcome achieved with Brilliance Laser Inks Aerosol Cans through our sample gallery images. This innovative product is designed for optimal laser marking on various substrates, delivering sharp, high-contrast, and durable markings.


Should I open the air assist on my laser?
  • No, we don't recommend it – 🚫 it's best to minimize or turn off the airflow/air assist because our product can be removed from the surface with strong airflow before lasering.
  • Please do not confuse airflow with exhaust as you would need the exhaust while laser marking is in action to remove the unwanted fumes and debri from contaminating your optics.
Will Black metal marking spray work on aluminum?
  • Our black metal marking spray is a universal metal marking product and will also work on aluminum. But everything else on a product may have some limitations as there are several grades of metals for aluminum available in the market so it’s best to test it in your situation on your laser before you proceed to a volume purchase. For this very reason, and on-demand of our aluminum lovers we have already created marking specifically for aluminum, this is to expand our range of different aluminum grades and a variety of different lasers that can give higher permanency in those situations.
  • For aluminum surfaces, consider experimenting with our latest product, the Black Aluminum Metal Marking Inks. This specialized ink is formulated for use on aluminum metals, including anodized surfaces.

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