High Performance Laser Marking

Spray - Powder - Liquid - Masterbatch

High Performance Laser Marking

Spray - Powder - Liquid - Masterbatch Metal Plastics

innovative developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality laser marking products

Create a high quality permanent mark on variety of different substrates.

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    Fast turn around time on stock and custom products.

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    Our technical support team is staffed by skilled personnel.

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    Our innovative technology produces fast marking and high contrast.

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    As part of our expansion, we are actively seeking distributors worldwide.

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Laser Printing On Metal


Laser Marking Grid

Check the power and speed with Brillance Laser Inks special coating.

Watch Laser Printing With Metal

Laser Printing on Plastic

Plastic Laser Inks

High Quality Plastic Printing

  • Bar Codes

  • QR Codes

  • Automotive Vehicles

  • ID Cards

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Customer Reviews

I'm new to laser engraving and wanted to try this stuff and with all the mixed reviews I wasn't too sure what I was getting. 

Kayla G

Great and easy product to use for Fiber Lasers. Crisp black markings on Stainless Steel without guessing.

Sam A

HALF THE PRICE with lot more coverage area from 12 OZ aerosol spray. WOW…Performed just like it states.

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