Laser Marking Plastics Additive Masterbatch

We are a manufacturer of Laser marking additives in plastic masterbatches. At Brilliance we specialize in laser marking materials and additives and have developed the newest compounds to improve laser marking technology for plastics for today’s market. As laser marking systems become more advanced and gains importance in today’s manufacturing sector among other areas, the need for ability to mark polymers continues to grow and it’s applications like plastic parts, security seals, electrical parts, animal identification tags, and other areas of use continues to grow at a rapid pace. Laser marking of plastics has many advantages of traditional marking methods like ink, dyes and paints. Laser marking not only proves to be more economical but also offers marks that is free of contact, prevents tampering, and are resistant to abrasion and wear and other environmental factors.

Our laser marking additives can be used in polyolefins, PP, PS, ABS, PC, TPU, PET, PBT, Nylon, PVC and TPE along with other resins for marking with then 1064 nm Nd:YAG-Laser, fiber laser and solid state lasers. Our patent pending compounds have the ability to deliver an excellent mark for both transparent and non-transparent plastics. At Brilliance Laser Inks we will customize your masterbatch to meet your laser marking needs and always developing ways to improve the laser marking technology.